Garden Group News

2023 is off to a great start with our Garden Group. 

The first meeting was a garden visit attended by 16 members. They saw a most beautiful garden, so unique with many plants such as salvias and hydrangeas. There was some most unusual foliage and lots of pots too. The garden is on a steep hill with paths and steps all beautifully arranged.

The subject of the next meeting (back at the hall) is how to attract butterflies to your garden.

Last Wednesday, Garden group joined the Bushwalkers for a tour of the Blue Lotus Water Garden. We enjoyed seeing mass displays of lotus and waterlilies flowering in the lagoon and many ponds. We walked along the boardwalk and crossed numerous bridges enjoying the Lotus flowers with their amazing foliage. The giant waterlilies were amazing growing in some of the greenhouses.

We had lunch in one of the picnic shelters.