As a member of Sherbrooke U3A you are entitled to enrol in courses throughout the year. Your membership fee covers the cost of courses. Small extra charges for materials sometimes apply.

Membership is per calendar year and must be renewed each year.

Membership Types

Full MembershipNot a member elsewhere, Jan – Dec (full year) $40, Jul – Dec (2 terms) $20, Oct – Dec (1 term) $10$40.00
Associate Membership,Must be a full financial member of another U3A  (outside of the Yarra Ranges Shire – see below).  Proof of membership of another U3A may be required (e.g. current badge or receipt), Jan – Dec (full year) $20 Jul – Dec (2 terms) $10 Oct – Dec (1 term) $5$20.00
Combined Shire of Yarra Ranges U3A MembershipOnce you are a full financial member of any U3A in the Yarra Ranges, for an extra $10 fee you may become a member of the Combined U3As of the Shire of Yarra Ranges (CU3ASYR), which will entitle you to attend classes at the other U3As, $10$10.00
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How to join or renew your membership

Existing members can login here to renew.

New members can join here.

If you prefer to join or renew in writing, please click here to open and print the Member Registration form, or pick one up at the office. Post or hand your completed form to the office staff during office hours. Open the Courses page to see our Courses and Activities timetable.