Ukraine Fundraiser – Friday 7th October 2022

Despite yet another downpour, we had a good turnout for our afternoon of Devonshire Teas. A lot of scones were eaten in a very good cause, so none of us felt guilty about all that jam and cream.

Contributions to the amount raised also came from our card-making and garden groups, who had products for sale. We received a number of donations from people who were unable to attend and the raffle, which had nearly twenty prizes, was well supported too.

A big thank you to the volunteers who helped to set-up, clean-up and slave in the kitchen. We’d be lost without you!

And how did we do? A grand total of $1,185.30 was sent to the Rotary International Ukraine Crisis Appeal. What a fantastic amount! Congratulations and thanks to all those who attended and a special thank you to Janine Groves for the idea and organisation of the event.

Ukrainian Dolls Display